Friday, December 16, 2011

"It's time to party! Lets party!"

As I have been slowly working on the scorpion jacket, a few major events have happened this past week. (By major I mean worth noting, they are not life or death events, in case you were worried...). I had my graduation party, I had my first etsy sale annnnnnddd a new friend has came into my life. A rat by the name of Marcel!

So first things first, PARTY! I have finally graduated from Kansas City Art Institute with my major in Art History and minor in Fiber. The party was awesome, I received many gifts and lots of money. I was amazed and thrilled by how many people turned out for the party. I really felt loved that night. Favorite homemade presents I received that night would have to be my new DS case courtesy of Mae McCurry and the 2 mix CDs from Christian Apodaca.
Second! I sold an orange cowl scarf on etsy (! I am so happy to finally have something sell online. I was kinda scared at first to sell something, since I had never really used the site for that purpose before. But is was easy and painless. Left is the scarf I sold!
And I will leave you with this adorable photo of Marcel the rat...Oh and did I mention she is prego. Anyone want a free baby rat?

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