Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's Hip to Be Square!

Today I went to Independence, Missouri, which is about thirty minutes east of where I live. It is also the location of the nearest Joanne, Guitar Center, Orange Julius, mall, AMC theater and Barnes & Noble (and that statement pretty much sums up my junior and senior years of high school!). There is a lot more to the city than all the "glitz and glamor" of the chain stores though. Independence, like most cities, has a city square and it is here were all the cute locally ran businesses are located. To promote buying local and for the sake of a good time with friends, Krystle, Morgan and I decided to explore the historic Independence Square.
Independence Square
First stop on our tour, since everyone was starving, was the Court House Exchange. A pub located in the basement of an old building, this place has a great atmosphere right when you walk through the door. I ordered a Ruben and fries, and let me tell you the fries were awesome!!!!! I ate all of mine AND half of Krystle's. The sandwich itself was all right, the bread and toppings were fresh and the sandwich was tasty. However, I must admit, ever since I had a ruben at Cafe Sebastienne, every time I order a ruben elsewhere no sandwich has ever compared and therefor I am always a little let down. I probably should just go back to Cafe Sebastienne soon and stop ordering rubens outside of that cafe.
Court House Exchange Menu
Next we went to this adorable shop called Be Here Now. It had tons of clever home decorations and design ideas. The selection of beautifully handcrafted lamps and chandeliers were my favorite. The prices of the items there also reflected the unique and handmade nature of the objects...aka $$$. I must also inform you that I am a part-time Starbucks barista, so most things are overly expensive for me. If I ever find that amazing money making job all of my teachers told me I would find, I would decorate my whole life with items from Be Here Now!
Be Here Now shop. Look at the lighting selection!!!
As we continued to walk, we stumbled upon a great specialty kitchen store called Gilbert, Whitney & Co. It had a wide variety of cooking utensils and supplies, cheeses, meats, specialty sodas, coffees and teas. It's hard to not leave without buying something from here! I bought a can of vanilla chai latte mix, so good!
Gilbert, Whitney & Co. outside the store.

Inside Gilbert, Whitney & Co.
Last, but certainly not least we visited Knitcraft! Knitcraft is a local yarn store with loads of hand and machine knitting yarn. It's a fairly decent yarn store with a great selection. If you ever catch yourself in a situation where you need alpaca silk blend yarn while traveling through Independence, MO and don't have time to order online, go here! Please note that one or two of the employees here are very snobby or just have bitchface syndrome (for those of you unaware of this reference watch the video here), so when entering pretend you own an organic alpaca farm and hand spin and naturally dye everything you have ever knit with or just scowl, and you should blend right on in. Again, this is a great local craft store, but the customer service is lacking. 
Knitcraft store front
Once 5pm rolled around, most of the shops were closing for the day, so we headed back to Krystle's house, busted out the vanilla chia mix, played this really great board game called Pandemic and I knitted a bit.
Me...knitting enthusiastically. Any time someone says hey smile,
I immediately make this really annoying face, enjoy!

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