Thursday, September 18, 2014

Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza 2014: Day 1

Well, the time has finally come for another knitting vacation! I have made it to the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza in Hot Springs, AR! However, unlike my drive to Gatlinburg, TN last year where I conveniently threw my debit card away some where between St. Louis, MO and Paducah, KY, the stresses of travel was not self-inflicted. Unpredicted rain, and by rain I mean a deluge with hurricane force winds, was the cause of my travel stress this year. Which meant 35 mph travel on a 70 mph highway with hazard lights on, for two hours! So needless to say, but I'm going to say it anyway, I arrived later than expected to the hotel...

This morning I woke up to a very nice view from my room at The Austin Convention Hotel & Spa.
The hotel view, overlooking sleepy Hot Springs, AR.
At 11am I was able to go to the registration area, get my name badge and some other nifty goodies before my first class: Knitting with Colour with the one-and-only Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee aka "The Yarn Harlot". If you call yourself a knitter and don't know who she is, you are both a silly goose and crazy, because she is a fantastic, knowledgeable and witty person, knitter and writer.
Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza swag bag and name badge.
Okay so now that I have informed you about how great the teacher is, you shouldn't be surprised that the class was equally great. I'm a note freak and took tones of notes, but I will only give you the highlights, because I believe everyone should take her wonderful class firsthand, that way you get all the information unfiltered and intact.

The avid knitters in class.
Knitting with Colour Highlights:
     1. Everyone sees color differently
     2. Knitters look at the subtractive color wheel for color reference.
     3. Can't figure out a color combination? Steal from nature, photos and fashion.
     4. There are a number of color combinations and color rules that always work. Stick to them!

My color work swatch I designed and knit in class.
I have so much more confidence when it comes to color placement and proportions of color now that I've taken this class! I feel like if I ever design a swatch, I will have the smarts to design it well enough so that when I get around to knitting it, it won't look 100% like vomit. Yay! Vomit factor diminished!

Now that I just finished talking about vomit, lets talk about food. It's sad that my mind goes from one extreme to the other, isn't it? Regardless of the odd switch in topic, just follow me on this train of thought for now thought. I ended the day with a giant burrito and jalapeƱo strawberry and avocado ice-cream from Nom Noms Mexican Grill N Chill. The burritos were similar in style to Chipotle, but they had the option of mango salsa, which won me over. Plus, the fact that they had ice cream in such a wide variety of flavors made for a super fun end to the meal!

All right, I'm done rambling for now! 


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