Thursday, May 25, 2017

Jewelry Explorations

I have been very taken by jewelry making lately. Maybe, it's because I recently have not been exploring my other creative outlets, other than knitting. Maybe it's because I miss making jewelry with my friend Tabbetha. However, what I do know is that it has been making me happy. I find that most of the jewelry I make combines both nature and found objects. I like the game of trying to make something that isn't meant to be jewelry, jewelry. You will find some of my jewelry explorations below.
"Gone Fishing 1" necklace $60
"Gone Fishing 2" necklace $60
"In Wraps" necklace $60

"Sticks and Stones" necklace $60
"Sticks and Stones" detail $60

"Silk Flower Branch" stud earrings $20

"Antique Primaries" earrings $20

"Rainforest Rocks" bracelet $35
"Branch and Beads" earrings $20
These pieces have prices so those know my price range. If anyone is interested in a piece, please contact me via email at I can set up a way to purchase via etsy.

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