Friday, August 2, 2013

Arrowmont Summer 2013: Day 6

The last day of class. We started the day by continuing to knit the work we had started the day previous. So I continued to knit with wire and sewing thread, turning my initially flat experiment into a lantern shaped veil.
The knit lantern veil. The phrase victorian gothic comes to mind.
After I finished knitting the lantern, I decided to move to some regular worsted weight yarn and try to tackle knitting a plush cartoon I had created a few years ago, a wumble. Previous to this class I would have never have even dreamt of tackeling this project in knit. I probably would have just settled for a sewn plushy or crochet my way to a finished product. Thanks to Adrienne's class Knitting a Life, I feel so much more confident and not as restricted to the knitting needles. EVERY THING MAKES SENSE! These wumbles are very bulbous so knitting using my newly discovered techniques of short rowing and protrusion creation, should give me the effect that I am wanting.
An image of a wumble among my "fine art" sketches.
After knitting till 5pm, it was time to pack up our studio spaces. The room seemed so empty after everything was removed! However, Adrienne left one small message (made out of wire of course!).
Adrienne's message, and a perfect phrase to describe this past week.
I sure am going to miss my knitting buddies! However, we all exchanged contact info so we could keep in touch. 
The mandatory (jk) knitting class photo!
(from left to right: Jane Merriott, Braxton Congrove,
Adrienne Sloane, Thien-Kieu Lam, Me and Charles Gandy)
Following dinner there was a showing of the film In Search of Lost Colour: The Story of Natural Dyes (Maiwa Productions 2007). It was in indepth look at natural color throughout history, how the dye is harvested and used today, and a peak at the future of natural dye. It was a very inspiring film. If you are interested in natural dye at all, this is a must see!


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